Back in 1986 grandfather Zé decided to build a house at the breath taking Castelo de Bode Lake so he could enjoy the hot summers with his family. Some time later everyone was passionate for that place and for the water sports you can do at the lake. Grandfather´s Zé older son, Jorge, was the special one regarding this outdoor activities. He starded by windsurfing and then some years later, in 1990, when he bought his first boat he skied for the first time!! That was when it all started for the family! Only 10 years later Jorge´s son, Francisco, was stepping on the skis for the first time, he never stopped skiing again! Since 2001 he has skied more than 2500 sets in 10 different countries! After skiing and coaching so many times in so many different places, Francisco decided it was time to share is passion! That´s what the Water Ski Academy is all about, passing the handle to the others!! From the Granfather´s Lake House until the Granchild´s ski school we keep on persuing the water ski dream! You are welcome to come and join our family!


Our highly trained and efficient team

We want to make sure that our staff matches the greatness of our place, we have an International team of experienced skiers and riders that can coach from beginner to pro in 6 different languages!


People who always support and endorse our work