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We truly believe on the values we convey to our students and athletes, which are also considered essential learnings and take-outs to be applied within the business environment. Then, The Water Ski Academy is now hosting and organizing Team building events.


Below there is a 1 day suggestion for a 20-50 people company:


Morning: Team games (Kayak orientation and/or peddy paper, obstacle run, traditional games, etc…)
Lunch break (Time for speeches or training if necessary)
Afternoon: Prize giving (Prizes must be used on the same day)


1 st place: 1 experience of water skiing or wakeboarding for all the members of the team
2 nd place: 1 ski tubing experience for all the members of the team
3 rd place: 1h of SUP or canoeing for all the members of the team


All the programs are 100% adjustable to fit your organization needs. Contact us for further information.